Medex's Histoy

Medex is a biomedical company established in 1988. Its operations are based in Saint Priest near Lyon (France).
Its products are sold in more than 10 countries.
Medex is specialized in injection systems and medical devices. The company offers injectors for CT and angiography examinations. It also has a large and comprehensive offering of disposables for CT and angiography examinations in addition to a selected range for MRI. 
Medex is known on the market for its innovations:

  • Soft Bag Injector, the only bag injector available on the market;
  • Secufill in the safety patient line with its double threshold valve.

In 2004 Guerbet, a pharmaceutical group specialized in medical imaging, acquired Medex in order to develop a global offering that now includes Soft Bag Injector and a new packaging for contrast media, Xenetix® in ScanBag®.
The recruitment of teams in Research and Development, Quality, Supply Chain, Regulatory Affairs and Technical Services, allows the sales development of the MEDEX product ranges.